Virtual Reality for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Virtual Reality gives you the opportunity to exist in a fantastic world where you can allow things to happen that you cannot even dream in the real world. With more and more people interested in VR, this arena has experienced a rapid development, especially with regard to VR equipment available. For example, you can easily find a better VR headset for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, despite the two phones that have been recently aired.
You can turn your new iPhone into a VR machine with these powerful new VR headsets for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. They have an amazing design and form factor along with advanced technology to set a new standard. If you feel overwhelmed with what particular RV headsets choose from the available options, do not worry, we have done the job for you. Check out our list of the best VR headsets for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and choose the right one.

The best VR headsets for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus


The Mattel View Master Deluxe VR Viewer is designed to provide you with a complete VR feel-good feeling. The set has a headsets jack for a better audio experience, an expansive lens for a wider field of view, and a focus wheel to focus without glasses. Just download and start the free View Master application on your iPhone. Next, place the iPhone in the viewfinder and select the appropriate settings to jump into the VR domain.



The ETVR headset has an extended viewing angle of 120 degrees on a larger screen. This imitates almost the true perspective of human eyes for a realistic 3D experience. In general, most VR glasses offer only a vision of 80-100 degrees. This VR 3D Headset for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus uses Japanese-quality anti-blue aspheric geometric PMMA lenses. Here are some of the best lenses in the world currently available. The anti-blue coating on the lens surface helps to reduce visual stimulation so long viewing hours do not cause unwanted side effects such as dizziness or other discomfort.



This VR headset consists of beautiful materials and comes with HD Optical Resin lenses without plastic pure stimulation. This reduces the distortion in magnifying the images and provides a wider view.
For this reason, there is no visual nausea or dizziness despite the use of this set for long hours. You get the full 3D effect and you can easily adjust the position of the spherical resin lens with the button at the top of the glasses for a better viewing experience. The design of the building is remarkable with a solid body and an expandable helmet.



DESTEK offers you the best RV for iPhone 8 and 8Plus with a 103 degree VR view that balances the dive with clarity of vision. This gives you an exciting experience while watching a 360-degree video. The lenses are protected by the eyes with incredible clarity for an unparalleled visual experience almost similar to the IMAX experience. With the touch button, you have lots of fun and versatility in your RV games. Filling the face uses delicate leather to give your skin maximum comfort and allows you to enjoy a longer viewing experience.

Combine the VR:

The VR Combo is one of the best Virtual Reality headsets iPhone 8 and 8Plus and works perfectly with the iOS environment. These headsets are built with a delicate, flexible and weightless foam material that ideally matches the profile of your face. It is very easy to clean and share with friends. It has two input keys, spring loaded without needing a regulator. The lenses are adjustable, to meet your individual eye distance for a pleasant VR-experience.

Recommended Virtual reality headsets for iPhones

There was a lot of excitement recently about the virtual reality, and almost every company has engaged in action. The obvious exception? That would be Apple.

Here is the list of Recommended virtual headsets for iPhones

Mattel View Master VR: - It is a very funny headset, which your children also play. The headphones do not fit into your glasses, there are no adjustable lenses or built-in headphones, or the view master VR has straps to hold the device to the head. But it is very sweet and very easy to use. The touch button is nice and great, so you have no problem finding it, and the helmet design will make you happy to celebrate. Mattel will try to convince you to buy the most expensive "experiences", but you can just ignore them. The VR View Master successfully runs all VR applications in Apple's Apple Store and plays any video. Simply load the application, activate the Virtual Reality feature and let your iPhone appear in the handset as soon as you see the image switch to a side-by-side view.

Goggle Tech C-1 crystal: - As far as open headphones are concerned, there are many possibilities.
The Goggle Tech C-1 glass folds flat, weighs only an ounce and comes with a nice carrying case. It is also available in a few different colors if you do not like the standard black. Get Goggle Tech C-1

Dscvr: - I am carton Dscvr is small, light, sturdy and comes in various colors. While the camera has no belts and the lenses are not adjustable, the Dscvr has a big and nice button that works well.
The rubber band holding the phone in place is a bit unpleasant to use until you do

Powis ViewR: - The Powis ViewR is one of the most expensive earphones on this list, although it is still in cardboard. But it is a sturdy cardboard, and the design makes it very easy to use.

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